Ante Vukusic ein Talent fuer die BULI?

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    • Ante Vukusic ein Talent fuer die BULI?

      Laut meinen Informationen sollen schon Bundesligisten Vukusic beobachtet haben. Ein sehr talentierter Second Striker oder auch Offensive Allrounder. Hat sehr,sehr hohe Bewertungen bzw. sehr hohe Skills von den Experten bekommen, siehe :

      Vukusic played in all young categories of Hajduk and he is very loyal to club and gives all the best in every performance. He is very strong in one on one situation and has some similarity with former Dinamo Zagreb star Eduardo (and former Arsenal member). He has amazing sense for scoring goals and he is highly opportunist when getting chances. He is a speedy player and a non-stop runner during the whole game, making constant pressure on opponent defenders and don't let them to easily pass the ball from their part of the field. He is very aggressive and persistent. His main weakness is that he's not too good in heading (but not bad). He also needs to try find the way how to save his energy during the match, if he wants to avoid lack of power in key situations. He is young, highly talented, and he is fully aware to it and works hard to fulfill his full potential. Ante Vukusic is one of the most important players of Hajduk and he has all the makings and potential to be a true star at high level of European football.